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Personalised & Unique


Colourful, safe, and long lasting dummy clips

Shineforest's dummy pacifier clips are a stylish way to secure your child's dummy.

Not only will a Shineforest's dummy clip keep your baby's dummy in a hygienic state, they have an attractive, brightly colored design featuring charming illustrated animal pendants.

All our products have been designed with the safety and comfort of your baby utmost in mind.

In addition to the soothing effect of a dummy, our dummy clips provide a colourful object for babies to fiddle with. A great distraction for those fidgety fingers!

Select the perfect dummy clip for your child with our wide range of designs, from our simple and stylish Classic Pink dummy clip to our 3D Mouse which features a charming mouse pendant with cute pink bowtie.

Other designs include an anchor, football, crown, and super-cute fox cub pendants.


Personalise your child's pacifier dummy clip

Each clip can be personalised to display your baby's name, or a memorably phrase, in the form of a string of acrylic letter beads. These beads can be strung on nylon cord or durable grosgrain ribbon with easy to use popper clips.

Each pacifier dummy clip features a MAM adaptor, making it compatible with knob or ring handle MAM pacifiers.

Our pacifier dummy clips are saliva resistant and only use non-toxic paints. The metal clips we use are sturdy, rust proof and nickel free.

These high-quality products are manufactured in Germany and comply with European Safety EN 12586 standards. Each clip comes with three compulsory ventilation holes and features a secure and sturdy snap closure to prevent the clip being pulled off.